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Scholarship Background

The scholarship fund was established in 1994 by Brian's esteemed ag industry colleagues*.

After graciously managing the fund for over 20 years, oversight was  transitioned to Brian's family. 

*Bob Norris, Carman Kidd, Gary Struthers, and Darlene Bowen.

About Brian

Brian attended Western Ontario Agricultural School -Ridgetown class of 1966. He achieved high honours, stood second in his class and received a scholarship in his first year. His studies in the corn-belt, instilled in him a relentless drive to prove the potential and productivity of the Clay Belt in Northern Ontario. 

In 1969 he returned home to run the family farm in the fertile Clay Belt area of New Liskeard, ON (Kerns Twp). Following his passions for cattle and crops, his commitment to continuous improvement and practical research, and his courage for innovation, Brian expanded and advanced the family dairy farm.  


"Brian's operation was a model of very practical innovation as he constantly pursued excellence in management and production. He walked the talk. As a community and provincial Ag leader, Brian distinguished himself as a pragmatic  professional, a true champion who made a difference."  -Bob Norris, 2015

"Working with Brian was an honour. Knowing his drive to make a success of agriculture on his own farm, it was inspiring to witness his efforts to improve the farming sector for other farmers and those involved in other aspects of the sector, everything from education to marketing. Brian was an inspiration for everyone he worked with."  -Gary Struthers, 2015

Brian also dedicated time and energy to supporting and advancing the industry with a focus on Northern Ontario.  He was Chairman or a delegate for the local branch of the United Coop of Ontario for many years, active in the Timiskaming Federation of Agriculture, President of the Cattlemen's Association, appointed as a member of the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario. Brian also spent countless hours as co-chair of the Coalition for Northern Ontario Agricultural Development, the group credited with saving the research component at the former New Liskeard College of Agricultural Technology.

'"His knowledge and dedication earned the respect of urban representatives, as well as the politicians and bureaucrats. When a problem was encountered, be it with the co-op, the cattlemen’s, the federation, or the coalition, others involved could count on Brian for sound, honest counsel." - Carman Kidd, 1994

“Brian was a motivator, a leader and an inspiration to farmers across northern Ontario. We will never forget his efforts to save the college, which embodied all that was good about Temiskaming District and northern agriculture.” - Roger George, President Ontario Federation of Agriculture. 1994

In honouring and remembering Brian with his passing in 1994 and at the 2015 Earlton Farmshow Memorial Breakfast, the words of ag leaders and colleagues speak volumes.

"It was a big plus to have Brian on your side. He was a kindred spirit. He was instantly likeable and a great team worker." -  Bob Kerr, Past President- Ontario Cattlemen’s Association 1994

“People of Brian’s character are rare and valuable members of our communities. His work with the Agricultural Research Institute of Ontario, the Ontario Cattlemen’s Association, and the Coalition for Northern Ontario Agricultural Development will be remembered for years to come.” - Elmer Buchanan, Minister of Agriculture and Food – 1994

“In calling him ‘a giant among agricultural leaders’, I meant to honour him, but his life and leadership honoured us. The selflessness of this man is beyond any question.”  Roger George, President Ontario Federation of Agriculture - 1994

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